Exterior Stucco

A stucco installed on the exterior of a house near the window in Windsor, ON

The first impression is pretty important. And when it comes to the exterior of your home, it might be all that matters. While building a house or even revamping it, the main objective is to enhance its appeal and make it sturdy. Similarly, when it comes to stucco installation or repair, we understand these needs and bring you the best.

We usually use three basic types of stucco: lime, fat lime, and sand, sometimes mixed with animal hair. We offer a hydraulic mixture that comprises hydraulic sand or lime or fat lime with a pozzolanic additive and sand. Our professionals know their job and carefully select the materials for your stucco to ensure continuity, and thus, compatibility stays intact.

If you want something unique, we got you! We also tint stucco to add color into the picture rather than painting them, which ensures the longevity of the pigment. Our contractors lay out the stucco repair or installation procedure by hand. This gives them the liberty to create texture and gives you unique custom-made designs that stand out.

Our traditional stucco application incorporates a three-coat procedure best suited for wooden frames and exterior walls. We initially start with a base coat layered on a metal lath attached to a building’s outer coating. This surface allows the next coat or the brown coat to settle. Lastly, we hand-trowel the final coat to create textures that look unique.

Want the best? Then call the best! We offer excellent stucco siding that is unique and personal. Our stucco installations not only transform the exterior but also make your house energy-efficient and robust.

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