Stucco Installation

A stucco being installed by a worker in a newly built house in Windsor, ON

Stucco installation is an excellent surplus for houses. Our experts at Windsor Stucco Services make sure that your stucco expectations are properly met. The best part of hiring us for stucco installation is that it is compatible with all types of climates. From concrete masonry to steel or wooden frames, stucco is compatible with any surface.

The main objective of applying stucco is to increase the longevity of your walls. Moreover, this mixture is minimal. To make sure your stucco lasts long, we would also waterproof the exterior of the stucco application. This gives your house additional protection from mold, rot, etc.

Additional benefits of stucco installation include fire resistance, color retention, etc. Want something fun other than dull colors? Transform the way your exterior looks. Our professionals can tint your stucco with colors of your choice. You can also opt for various textures or color choices from our catalogs.

Our professional stucco installers make sure that you reap the best benefits from your stucco installation. In most cases, stucco doesn’t require frequent installation, replacement, etc. However, we rule out every possibility of the defect and provide you with a quality service guaranteed to stand the test of time. Wondering what more you can get out of your stucco installation? Well, our contractors suggest that installing or replacing stucco for new and old homes adds value to it. Among the others, stucco mixture also makes a house fire-resistant, energy-efficient, etc.

Moreover, our stucco projects come with extra precautions like a drainage plane to ensure your stucco lasts long. It is altered with building paper which helps the water to shed rather than penetrate the walls. We also provide weep-screed or perforated flashing at the bottom of the wall to make sure water doesn’t get trapped.

Also, you do not have to worry about the duration of the whole procedure. We have licensed professionals who ensure a speedy service, as well. It would usually take up to two days to complete the installation process. Moreover, stucco is also compatible with other materials like wood and concrete masonry.

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