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A professional stucco contractor installing stucco near the window in a house in Windsor, ON

Are you looking for stucco repair and installation services? Well, homes, old or new, require care, and our stucco repairs and installations make sure your exterior stays as fresh as new for a long time.

If you have cracked or damaged walls, you are at the right place! Windsor Stucco Services are here to help you all the way.

Every house tells a different story – your home is a place of dedication, your life’s work. We value your hard work and affection towards your home. We treat your home like ours and make sure we take care of it and keep it as good as new by providing quality stucco repair and installation services.

About Our Stucco Services

What makes our stucco services the best of the rest? Our world-class materials and services are the most trusted in and around Windsor, ON. Our success stories can be heard from the vast list of happy and satisfied customers. Since the start of our journey, we have helped hundreds of people to build their dream homes. We excel in stucco repair and installation services.

Here is a quick list of all the services provided by us:

Stucco Installation
Stucco Repair
Stucco Inspection
Stucco Cleaning
Plaster Repair
Plaster Installation

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A stucco being repaired by a stucco contractor in Windsor, ON

Stucco Repair

Our team of stucco contractors analyzes the walls and ceilings of your home to check for any damages and provide tailored services to help you get a brand new-like look to the damaged stucco.

A newly installed stucco in a residential area in Windsor, ON

Stucco Installation

Want a new stucco installation for your house? With many years of experience in stucco installation and repair, we provide exceptional installation services for commercial as well as residential customers. Our team of professionals ensures that the new installations meet your expectations.

An EIFS stucco skillfully installed in a new house in Windsor, ON

EIFS Stucco

EIFS or Exterior Insulation Finishing System helps protect the extrinsic layers from moisture. Our professionals carefully choose the material for the mixture to prevent water penetration. The EIFS might provide the typical look of exterior stucco but with an acrylic finish upon completion.

A maroon stucco that was installed outside of a house by a skillful stucco contractor in Windsor, ON

Exterior Stucco

Our exterior stucco service aims to revamp the exterior of your home and make it sturdier. The exterior stucco installation not only enhances the looks of your house but also makes it energy-efficient and robust.

A beautifully installed stucco by a worker in a commercial space in Windsor, ON

Commercial Stucco

Our commercial stucco installation and repair services are well-known among commercial property owners in and around Windsor, ON. Our professional stucco contractors carefully inspect the area to provide the best-suited approach for repairing and installing stucco in commercial buildings.

We are also experts in other services like Venetian plaster, Stucco Painting, and Waterproofing. Apart from these, our area of expertise expands towards wall and ceiling repair, plaster installation, plaster repair, etc.

Dents and holes are common. But that should not leave you worried. Instead, if you have spots or cracks, or damages on your wall, call us today, and we will be ready to help you right away.

Moreover, damaged plaster can make your home look dull. Our stucco contractors are skilled in handling such projects. We offer you plaster repair services to hide those flaws and bring out the best of your house.

Our services are sincere and comply with deadlines, transparency, and safety protocols to deliver exceptional stucco installation and repair. Our success comes with your smile, happiness, and satisfaction because we consider your home as ours.

So, in case you are unhappy with the results, contact our local office, and we will be glad to help you and make things right at zero cost.

While hiring a stucco company, you would want to go for someone with experience and a shining track record. Our reviews from our customers make us the pioneer contractors in the industry. What do we have to offer? Well, hiring us will include professionalism, quality, and certified and trained staff. Besides, we choose the best high-quality materials with high-end technology.

Are you looking to provide an astonishing look to your house? Book an appointment with our professional stucco contractors today!

Why choose Our Contractors?

At Windsor Stucco Services, we believe in customer satisfaction. We provide utmost priority to our clients and their projects. We remain transparent throughout the whole procedure and prove ourselves to be the most reliable and trustworthy resource throughout the journey.

  • We have a team of certified, trained, and experienced professionals who are at your service around the clock.
  • Convenient and 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Our stucco company is the best in the game in and around Windsor, ON
  • We have in-house professional contractors who handle your projects personally. We are against outsourcing and provide high priority to our customer’s requests.
  • Our stucco contractors strictly follow every safety protocol to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • We have many years of expertise which makes us the most trusted service provider among commercial as well as residential clients.

Apart from unparalleled services to additional perks, we offer a shocking warranty with our stucco repair and installation services.

We firmly believe in delivering quickly but with quality. Hence, our values include speed, affordable pricing, and flawless results.

Moreover, the stucco contractors in Windsor ON working in Windsor Stucco Services are highly skilled, trained, and tested technicians with years of experience in this field.

Our services ensure that the value of your property remains unchanged and contribute to transforming the looks of your house while ensuring its durability. We always make sure we deliver with quality and within the quoted time.

Looking for stucco installation for your home? Whether a new installation or just repairing it,  contact us right away for every stucco solution!

Things You Need to Know About Stucco

Stucco installation is the best way to care for the place you love. If you are new, stucco is a mixture applied to the indoors and especially the outdoors of a house. It keeps your walls from damaging or chipping from water penetration. An ideal stucco installation comes with a good drainage plane that avoids water storage that can cause damage to your stucco. However, stucco should be replaced time and again. It has been around for years, and it is a very pocket-friendly alternative to make your house stand the test of time.

Nowadays, stucco is made from cement, sand, and water conglomerated together to form plaster. However, you can also find different mixture options readily available with us. We have a modern stucco approach where the mixture uses fiberglass. The stucco application process is indeed a simple one. However, some installations or repairs may need some time while others don’t. It is usually applied by professional stucco contractors either manually or using a machine.

Stucco is ideal for various types of surfaces. Moreover, it can be used for siding, cover concrete, cinder block, etc. Its versatility and longevity have made it a popular choice among business and home owners. If you are looking for something fun to turn your house around, stucco is the right choice for you. Why? Well, though being a budget-friendly option, it offers a wide range of colors and texture range. Our professional stucco installers go all the way and help you pick out the best pigment and designs for your stucco. This is a great way to customize your home in a unique way.

Besides, at Windsor Stucco Services, we follow registered standards that prove our quality service. Our team has an ASTM C 926 certification that regulates stucco plaster. Similarly, we also hold an ASTM C 1063 standard certification for lathing installation and furring for stucco.

While stucco installation is suitable for every climate, it could be different when it comes to repairing. Different environments require different types and duration for repair. Properties at places with frequent heavy rainfall, storms, and snowstorms need to repair or replace their stucco quite often. But that doesn’t mean your house stays unprotected. We analyze every factor and come up with personalized solutions to keep your abode cared for.

While looking for stucco services, it could be challenging to choose the best. To make your dream home come true, professionals at Windsor Stucco Services are here at your service.

We understand and value your emotions and hence provide unique solutions for every home. We have a team of licensed contractors who are the best in the game. From consultation to building your home, we are here for you.

When you choose to hire us, you are investing in a better future and a better home. Unlike others in the business, we detect problems in your walls and ceilings and offer tailor-made solutions best fit for you. We help you to save costs and still reap the best benefits from our services.

Do you want to install stucco in your buildings or repair them? What are you waiting for? Give us a call today!


“I hired Windsor Stucco Services stucco contractors last month for stucco installation for my new home. The contractors were highly professional in their work and met all my expectations. I am very impressed with the quality of their services and would definitely hire them in the future for any stucco requirement in my home.” – Steve S.

“Windsor Stucco Services are extremely great at working with stucco. They handled the stucco repair project at my office very carefully and repaired a huge crack in the wall and gave a new-like look to the damaged wall. I would like to thank the whole team for their excellent work to repair the damaged wall. All the best guys.” – Marie C.

“They provided great attention to detail and took care of every request I made. If you are looking for contractors who provide excellent stucco services, look no further. The contractors are highly punctual and professionals providing exceptional services.” – Trevor M.