Commercial Stucco

A beautifully finished stucco installed in a commercial area in Windsor, ON

Stucco is a protective coating of cement or lime-based plaster ideal for the exterior of buildings and houses. Unique, strong, and affordable stucco installation or repair can last you for a long time. However, harsh conditions can be harmful to any exterior. Fading colors, chipping, cracks, etc., are a common scenario for many house exteriors. Installing stucco would ensure none of that happens; however, it is also essential to maintain your stucco installation.

Our stucco contractors are a trusted choice for many commercial property owners and building owners in and around Windsor, ON.

Moreover, our stucco processes vary from building to building. We incorporate a modern approach to each of our projects to upgrade our quality of service each time. In the case of commercial buildings or residential complexes, a two-coat or a one-coat stucco approach may suffice. A two-coat stucco installation is ideal for concrete, brick, or block wall surfaces. These types of surfaces rule out the need for applying a base coat. Instead, a bonding adhesive is used before the two stucco coats.

Our professionals at Windsor ON are the only ones to provide the new one-coat process. This is a very modern approach and includes stucco mixed with fiberglass.

Unlike homes, stucco repair in commercial spaces can be complicated. However, that doesn’t require you to raise your eyebrows. Our professionals thoroughly inspect the area. We also suggest you the best possible approaches to repair or install stucco, which is compatible with your building and brings to you the best results that stand the test of time.

Looking for some professional help? Stucco repairs and installation made easy! Call Windsor Stucco Services today.

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