EIFS Stucco

EIFS stucco being installed in a residential area in Windsor, ON

EIFS or Exterior Insulation Finishing System is a procedure that can usually come off as confusing at first. The main reason why homeowners choose to go for EIFS stucco is that the cladding is specially designed to avoid moisture from extrinsic layers. We carefully select the materials for the mixture, which also works well to prevent water penetration.

The final coat is made up of an acrylic mixture; however, different EIFS cladding options that are compatible according to the nature of the surfaces or masonry are available.

What makes these stucco installations different from the others is that they might look like your typical exterior stucco, but you can expect an acrylic finish upon dissection. The mixture of this concoction uses multiple products to create an ultimate mix with remarkable benefits. These usually have better water protection and air barriers. If you are wondering what layers work together to contribute to this stucco mixture, know that they include water or air barriers, adhesive base layer, foam, primer coat, etc.

Moreover, we at Windsor Stucco Services are willing to go into detail and give a premium water-resistive barrier that provides additional resistance to your wall. Besides, we also have a fluid-based water-resistive barrier that is 20 mm in thickness and has to be sprayed or rolled like paint.

Furthermore, fluid-based barriers should not have any pinholes as it is the main coat. Having holes will allow water to get trapped and can cause damage to your walls quickly.

The adhesive coating is another part of EIFS installation. The foam is bound with an adhesive that has notches that run vertically, i.e., up and down. We also provide a foam insulating board as part of EIFS installation. This acts as the primary insulator and gives you the liberty to choose from different thicknesses, ranging from 1” – 6”. But, it is important to remember that choosing a thicker foam will give you more R-value.

Everybody has different EIFS stucco, and we deliver only the best. We install A grade EIFS like Durex and Senergy. The material we choose for EIFS stucco will save you from extra heating costs. We assure you that the stucco will not get mold and provide the best insulation and water drainage.

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